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  • I had my teeth polished and whitened.,cracks fixed and holes sealed. Zayra was quite cheap considering the quality of the experience they provided. A small team, very friendly and reasonable to the core. Strongly recommend.

    Jonathan Price Architect
  • I wanted to do teeth whitening but the costs were exuberant. I visited Zayra based on a friend's recommendation. The results were brilliant and cost me 40% less than my previous dentist's quote. I am very pleased and would strongly recommend.

    Louise Carpenter Louise Carpenter
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gaps and cracks
composite bonding
Dental anxiety
Put your worries to rest, we want to give you the best experience
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stains and marks
It costs less than 25/months to give fresh life to those brown teeth. Zayra promises beautiful smiles for the most affordable deal.
polishing and whitening

Dr Reshma Parambil, principal dentist

Zayra was born out of a dream to help those who always dreamed of having a beautiful smile but could never afford one.