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White teeth and dental equipment

Tooth Restoration Meets Polish and Shine

Teeth whitening is more than a whiter, brighter smile. It rids your teeth of plaque and years of build-up to create a brilliantly white, natural smile.

Whiter teeth give you the confidence and drive to get ahead in life. Attend your upcoming job interviews with courage, go on a first date with total confidence, smile for your next Instagram headshot with pride. Teeth whitening is so much more than a cosmetic procedure, it’s a life-changing opportunity.

Teeth Whitening

White teeth, toothbrush and dental equipment
mouth mirror and white teeth

Whiter Teeth Is a Must-have Feature

The teeth whitening went from only model and celebrity use to everyday citizen, worldwide. The expectation today is to have the brightest smile possible while staying natural. In fact, the teeth whitening industry has leaped to a global value of nearly £4.5 million. More people are starting to care about their smiles, and that means more expensive teeth whitening procedures to meet demand.

Zayra Dental performs teeth whitening at a fraction of the cost from what you find for over-the-counter options and most other dental offices. We understand the quality-of-life value whiter teeth gives you and how it can provide you with true confidence.

Teeth Whitening You Can Afford

We offer teeth whitening services at just £250—significantly cheaper than most providers. With savings like that, you can treat yourself to a weekend on the Canary Islands and show off that brand new smile against the perfect tropical backdrop.

Book your 30-minute teeth whitening session today and see an instantly brighter, cleaner smile.