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Cosmetic Dentist, Leeds

We constantly strive to improve lives of people by making the dental innovations more affordable. At Zayra cosmetic dental Leeds, we believe in restoring not only the function but also the appearance of your teeth.

Poor dentition is a result of years of neglect, be it poor brushing or missing dental appointments. The condition of one’s teeth has become an indicator of social class. Although NHS aims to provide free dental care, it is not currently universal and most people have to pay for their dental treatments. Cosmetic services are not covered in NHS dentistry.

Our team in Zayradental Leeds have years of experience in restoring the natural beauty of the teeth, painlessly and at a cost anyone can afford.

Did you know that with current technology we have solutions for almost every teeth problem with Zayradental cosmetic dentist services in leeds? We make sure that you feel at ease, never break Your wallet with unexpected bills, and always promise the best value for money.

Boost your confidence with a fresh clean look with simple teeth whitening or go for a digital smile makeover with our advanced3D Scans.

If you want to make your smile better, confident and beautiful, call now on 01132488398. We offer one of the fastest appointments in Leeds and always work around your needs.

how we help you achieve the look you want

Veneers, Bonding, whitening , crowns, Bridges, porcelain inlays onlays. implants, aligners, including invisalign.


Most people with overcrowded or crooked teeth may need an inexpensive and effective procedure like veneers or braces like Invisalign. Aligners are painless and less invasive but results takes time. In some cases, veneers may be better for faster results. At Zayradental Leeds, our cosmetic dental experts can provide outstanding results and best value for money.

Teeth whitening can restore the normal colour of your teeth to a good degree. However, we often recommend other procedures like airflow to remove stubborn stains prior to teeth whitening.

There are many choices for closing gaps. These include veneers, implants or aligners. We always strive to give you all the information while discussing treatment options and help you make the best choice.

We always aim to restore the health of your teeth and then improve the function and appearance. This way we will achieve ultimate enhancement, healthy teeth and a confident, beautiful smile.

Our cosmetic dental experts in Zayradental can help you with this. With advanced 3D scanner we can identify the issues and what needs to be corrected. With additional options for skin enhancements, we have given thousands of clients their best smile.

Unappealing worn and short teeth are caused by acidic food, unbalanced diet and grinding teeth. We can restore this with Veneers/crowns and give you tips to keep your teeth healthy.

Compared to conventional braces aligners are less expensive. These are crafted using the latest technology and hence incur higher lab costs. An aligner would still cost you less than a standard gym membership fee when paid monthly. Also these are much easier to wear and pain free.