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A model of tooth implant

Dental Implants

When it comes to dental care, only a handful of people show genuine care and concern. Yet, the benefits of those 32-set soldiers in your jaws extend far beyond grinding food particles. Without them, even simple things like wearing a beautiful smile can become a daunting task. Not to mention the unimaginable pains you feel whenever you devour your favorite meal – an experience you wouldn’t want to live with for long. All these are nothing compared to the feeling of helplessness you get from imagining life without even a single tooth, or more – teeth. You suddenly become the center of attention among your peer and perhaps lose some confidence in yourself.

But, does a lost or damaged tooth need to come with all that stress? Do you have to change your lifestyle and deprive yourself of all that fun just because of a dental problem? Absolutely not!

Dentistry has experienced significant improvement in its techniques for dental cares within the last few decades. And one of these groundbreakings, super effective and overly comfortable techniques is the dental implant. With a dental implant, a lost tooth isn’t a permanent loss anymore. Dental Implants are simply another way to restore normal and natural teeth experience for missing tooth, using artificially made ones. These components are installed on your jawbone through a painless approach that fuses the titanium-made base firmly with your jawbone. Due to its remarkable success, more people are becoming aware of the process and are willing to take immediate action.

Dental Implants

A patient having a dental implant
Dental expert showing a model of tooth implant

Does it work?

Dental Implants are making a wave in dentistry and are transforming people’s lives for the good. The recorded success rate of this long-lasting technique makes it a feasible solution. In the UK alone, over 130, 000 dental implants procedures are completed yearly. This tells us only one thing – that dental Implants work!

Why you may be sceptical about getting a dental implant...

Dental implants may seem all well and good to you, but you haven’t considered it because you feel it will be:

  1. An expensive procedure.
  2. A painful experience.
  3. A potentially different tooth feel from the natural tooth.

Why you shouldn't be...

Firstly, at Zayra dental, we understand the feeling of wanting something so badly but having a limited budget. This is why we have made our Leeds Dental Implants procedure affordable for all. In fact, it costs less than what you’d pay for a cruise holiday!  Even if you have lost all your teeth, You can restore your beautiful smile, revive your normal chewing experience and improve your look and appearance, and also boost your self-confidence at the cost of renovating a kitchen, but for a life-changing experience. Beyond that, our system allows you to pay for your Leeds dental implants in installments, costing less than a Friday dine out.

Secondly, our Leeds dental implants procedure is one of the most convenient ones out there. You almost wouldn’t feel any discomforts during and after the treatment.

In addition, beyond providing dental care services to the Leeds area, we are a team of individuals who genuinely care for the well-being of our local people and want to help them wear the perfect smile they’ve always wanted, without breaking their wallet.

Lastly, with our professional and yet affordable Leeds dental implant services, your new tooth/teeth will feel and function just like a normal one. Plus, you improve your facial and bone features, allowing you to come out stronger, healthier and more beautiful.

When is it best to get your Leeds dental implant done?

The best time to do your dental implant in Leeds is NOW! Because, the longer you wait, the more critical the damage and the fewer your options.