About Zayra Dental

A perfect dream

What has a typewriter got to do with current day dentistry?

It belongs to a bygone world. Events overtook them. People think dentists are still stuck in the typewriter era. But someone had a better idea.

And here at Zayra we think we have a new way of doing things.

Our goal is to provide the best possible dentistry. Well, yes, others will say that too. So why are we different?

We want to take away the negatives surrounding medical and cosmetic dentistry.Too expensive. Being scared of the bill, not the work. Long waiting lists….

Do you know that an attractive smile increases your confidence? And that you can get an attractive smile for less than the cost of a daily Starbucks? In fact, we’ll even give you a coffee at your appointment.

back to the story

Zayra, was born out of a dream. A dream that arose out of a belief that you deserve a better deal.A deal that suits everyone. We want to change dental visits to something easily accessible, when you need it,affordable when you don’t have enough, to provide you with the best experience and the best value for your time and money.

We strive to maintain high standards of personalised care. It took a lot of courage to break the conventional rules and provide the best care for the lowest possible prices. It stems from the fact that this isn’t just another business but a passionate dream to open up the doors of a dentist to hundreds of people who couldn’t afford to do so.

our mission

We want to make high quality dental care affordable to all. We , at Zayra, believe that beautiful smiles should not be limited to a few, but rather be the right of all who love to have one. We have a mission to break the notion that the best things are the most expensive.