Teeth whitening

This is Sam. She lived with an awful smile for 4 years for 3 reasons.
She was scared of dentist
She never knew that it could be white again
And she was told that it will cost a fortune!
Sam heard about us from Google. We met her the very next day.
At Zayra in Leeds , we proved her wrong. After 2 visits, we got it sparkling white again. 
She isn’t scared of the dentist anymore.
And the best part, It didn’t cost half of what she was told.
Infact, when she left with a thank you note, she told us, “It cost me less than my coffee a day”
Teeth whitening in ZAYRA is a simple 15 minute appointment complimented by another brief visit. It gives you brilliant shades of white, which can be reasonably predicted before starting the treatment.
We provide complimentary gels to maintain the whiteness. We use home whitening as opposed to in house whitening due to better results. Despite the lab costs we have brought the prices down so as to make it affordable to all those who need it.

Your smile is our pride. We will never compromise on that.